The Florida Department of Education has created Read-At-Home Resources for students who are showing deficiencies in the area of reading, K-3. This resource includes links to developmentally appropriate, evidence-based strategies which parents can use to help improve their child’s literacy skills. It also includes an overview to the types of assessments used to identify reading deficiencies, an overview of the process for initiating and conducting evaluations for exceptional education eligibility, characteristics of conditions associated with learning disorders, and a list of resources to support parent involvement in decision-making process for students who have difficult in learning.

Read-At-Home Resources for Parents

Part of our plan at Berkley is for students to read at least 20 minutes daily. Text can be of a student’s choice or interest, but should include texts which are developmentally appropriate for the child. Please reach out to your child’s teacher if you have any questions about your child’s progress or reading plan.

FLDOE Suggested Reading List, K-2 & 3-5
FLDOE New Worlds Reading Initiative