Berkley Charter School's Open Enrollment period for 2024-2025 school year has ended.
The 2025-2026 Open Enrollment period will be March 24-28, 2025.

A. Application Procedure

Any child who is ready to enter elementary school and is the appropriate age as mandated by the state guidelines may apply to Berkley Charter School. Berkley Charter School will work with the Polk County Office of Magnet, Choice and Charter Schools to ensure a fair and impartial admission procedure allowing all students an equal opportunity to attend the school. All applications may be submitted by mail, fax, email, online, or submitted in person. Applications submitted in person will be date and time stamped for proof of submittal date. Applications received via mail must have a postmark of one of the five days of open enrollment. An application that is faxed, emailed or submitted online will be date and time stamped as if it were delivered in person. All applications received during the week of open enrollment will be treated as though they arrived at the same time. A computerized lottery system will be used to randomly select applicants to fill seats as space becomes available.

B. Admission Procedure

Once the open enrollment period ends, all applications will be sorted by grade level then placed on priority lists in accordance with the following guidelines: 1. Applicants with a parent employed by either Berkley Charter School or Berkley Accelerated Middle School or actively serving as a governing board director at either school (Priority List A). 2. Kindergarteners with a · sibling currently attending Berkley Charter School (Priority List B). 3. Kindergarteners who attended Berkley Charter School’s PreK4 VPK program (Priority List C). 4. Children of active military duty members (Priority List D). 5. Children in the Berkley Charter School zone as defined by the Polk County School Board (Priority List E). 6. Any other child residing in Polk County considered out of zone (Priority List F). 7. In the event BCS does not reach capacity, a Controlled Open Enrollment will take place for applicants who reside out of county (Priority List G).

When an opening exists, applicants will be randomly selected from priority lists A-G respectively, until all available openings have been filled. Once all available seats have been filled the applications will be held in an applicant pool. When a seat becomes available a random lottery will be performed at that time in the order of priority lists A-G respectively.

Click the link below to view and download the School Application.


Click the link below to view and download the PreK Student Application.