Covid-19 Protocols and FAQs

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What guidelines does Berkley follow regarding Covid-19?

Berkley follows the guidelines set by the CDC and the Polk Department of Health. When  we are notified of a confirmed positive case, we contact the health department and work with them to determine any individuals who may have been a close contact. Decisions for quarantine are based off of distance from the individual, time spent with the individual, and the positive individual’s timeline of symptoms.

Who is a close contact?

Close contacts are anyone within 6 feet of a positive individual, for more than 15 minutes cumulative during a day.

Will I be notified of a case in my child’s class?

Our school notifies parents in a general manner through our schoolwide email list. If you have not received these notifications and other schoolwide news, please sign up here: Any individuals who are deemed to be a close contact of a confirmed positive case will be individually notified as quickly as possible and given instructions on next steps.

Are their exceptions to quarantine?

Yes, each situation is unique. Some asymptomatic individuals do not need to quarantine based on their vaccination status or proof of a positive test within the last 90 days. Our Covid Coordinator will work with individuals in each situation to help determine whether quarantine is necessary, and the least amount of quarantine time possible for a safe return to school.

What is Berkley doing to keep Covid-19 cases off campus?   

Our school reflects our community, so unfortunately, we still anticipate some cases as long as numbers are high in our community. The vast majority of the cases we have seen since the start of this pandemic are due to family exposures rather than an exposure from a classmate at school. However, please know that our school is taking additional steps to keep students and staff healthy, on campus, and our doors open for instruction.

Some of the ways we are working to mitigate spread on campus are for students to stay with a cohort of classmates throughout the day to eliminate potential exposures. Classrooms are provided shields/barriers to place between students. Our teachers and staff clean and sanitize our facilities frequently. Distancing, sanitizing, proper respiratory etiquette, and frequent handwashing is taught and encouraged. We are tracking and monitoring all known symptoms and cases and we make adjustments as necessary to help slow the spread.

What can parents do to help?

There are two things parents can to do help us in our efforts. The first is to keep your child home if they are exposed, if someone in your home is waiting on test results, or if your child is showing any potential symptoms. Symptoms of Covid include: severe headache, sore throat, congestion, nausea, fever, uncontrollable cough, chills, body aches, fatigue, or loss of taste or smell.

The second most helpful thing parents can do is to keep us informed. The quicker we know about potential symptoms, exposures, or illnesses, the quicker we can make informed decisions about quarantine, distancing, extra sanitization efforts, etc. If your child has been exposed, showing symptoms, or has tested positive, please contact our Covid Coordinator,