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Parent Portal

Access student grades around the clock with Parent Portal. If you don’t already have access, ask one of our secretaries to get you started.

Family Empowerment Scholarship

The Family Empowerment Scholarship provides eligible students a scholarship to attend a private school selected by the parent. A student is eligible for the FES if the student meets certain criteria. If families have any questions regarding the Family Empowerment Scholarship they may reach out to Suzanne Martin (863)968-5024 or email at .

Florida Standards Assessment

Find information, resources, practice tests, etc. regarding FSA.

Statewide Assessment Calendar 2020-2021

This includes information on state and school-based testing, descriptions of commonly used acronyms, and 2020-2021 testing windows.

Paper Based Practice Tests

Become familiar with question styles using these practice tests and answer keys for grades 3 – 10.

2020-2021 FSA Fact Sheet

This fact sheet provides information regarding grades 3–10 ELA and grades 3–8 mathematics assessments that
measure student achievement of the Florida Standards.

2020-2021 Next Generation Sunshine State Standards Statewide Science Assessment Fact Sheet

This fact sheet provides information about the Grades 5 and 8 Statewide Science Assessments that measure
student achievement of the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS).

Polk County Public Schools

Browse the district’s official website.

Florida Department of Education

Find tons of information regarding education on our state’s website.


FortifyFL is a suspicious activity reporting tool that allows you to instantly relay information to appropriate law enforcement agencies and school officials.


Access our school’s official Facebook page.

Berkley Library

Our library at your fingertips.

AR Home Connect

You can log into AR Home Connect at any time to view information about your child’s AR progress. It also allows you to sign up to receive email notifications after your child completes an activity or assessment at school.

Your child’s username is their ten digit Student ID (starting with 5300).
The password is their 4 digit birthday: MMDD. For example, January 9th would be 0109.

Sunshine State Young Readers Award Program.

Follow the link to learn more.

Home & School Connection

Home & School Connection – May   ← Click here

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Recipes for Success

Recipes for Success – May    ← Click here

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More Parent Resources

Tips for Reading Success – Beginning Edition

Getting In; Getting Out – Prevention Tips for Parents

Are We There Yet -Safety Tips – Staying Safe Between School & Home


Tips for Divorced Parents

Clever Character Builders

Games Galore

Learning Around the House ’15

Outdoor Explorers

Shoebox Activities

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